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Born as Birgitta  in Stockholm, Sweden, she prefers to be called Gitta Ohlin.
Her mother was Swedish, but from an Austrian father and a Czech mother and her father was Danish from a Swedish father and a Danish mother.
Gitta was born as a Danish citizen. She moved very early on from Stockholm to live in a castle on a little island near Copenhagen. Later on she grew up in Rome and then in Zürich where she started her artistic studies at the Modeschule Paula Brünn (later called Mode
Design School Zürich), then in Copenhagen at the Tegne- og Kunstindustriskolen (later called Danish Design School).
After her studies she went to Brussels, mainly to learn French to add that to her knowledge of Danish, Swedish, Italian, German and English. This is where she also became a Belgian citizen. She remained in Brussels for many years until she moved to the south of France in the Narbonne area.
While living in Brussels she started oil painting on canvas with a Chilean painter.
She had a few exhibitions of her paintings and one with her photographs (individual exhibition).

Then she moved to the south of France. There she opened a workshop in « her » little village to share with other women, her passion for the different techniques she knew, namely silk painting, stencil painting, acrylic painting on different supports, and she also started creating jewelry and mosaics. Gitta also had painting classes in Narbonne witha Peruvian painter.

There she also started doing a lot more photography.

While living in Southern France she created her own company, Gitta’O, and had numerous exhibitions showing her different handicraft creations, as jewelry, mosaic plates for the swimming pool, paintings and photographs as well as a series of silk scarfs, to be found in shops in Narbonne and Brussels.Gitta travels a lot on different continents, though mostly in Europe, as her family is spread all over Europe. There she also started taking a lot more photos.She is back in Brussels since 2018 and continues with her many artistic creations, though predominantly painting, photography and jewelry.