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Ludo started painting at a later age as he had not previously had the opportunity to receive any academic training. However, the creative itch has always remained, and by the age of 40 the inner drive was too strong not to give in to it. This is how his first paintings were created.


From figurative works to later more abstract works, always multicolored and certainly not sad. Over the years, his style has completely changed and grown, but the experimental and creative aspect continues to play a major role. Today he distinguishes himself mainly by the full colorful keys applied to his own characters, those with the big mouths. These arose from the saying that Antwerp residents have a large range. He creates art with a playful humor that contrasts sharply with today's gray colorless society. His art is creative, playful and very colorful and his works combine Pop-Art / Abstract portraits with an addictive rhythm in every work. Heavy bright colors, large abstract figurative figures finished with thick boldy lines, are characteristic and defining for his current style. They look like electrically charged figures that command a special way of looking at the world, seen through his eyes.