Welcome to Nitra Art Gallery. Nitra has been exhibiting in Knokke and the surrounding area for several years now, far beyond the borders… Where do you have to go to meet artists? The fashionable Knokke of course. Wonderful beach bars with its guests who loves colours and bling bling and especially with a great taste for all the aspects of beauty. Nitra took a step to go a to a higher level, 12 Senses is transformed into 'Nitra-Art Gallery' a gallery that offers a platform for Belgian artists where positive energy takes a central stage, you will not find ‘boring’ in our dictionary. Pop art, abstract, figurative with an explosion of colours, we want to make you really happy. Nitra-Art Gallery is also accessible to everyone of all colours and feathers. Il faut du tout pour faire un monde or give a Nitra-touch to your life sparkle sparkle live, life, laugh, LOL join our philosophy and enter our colourful world!

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