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My name is Francky Vanden Bussche. Too long and dull for an artist name, right?

One day I saw the word "Billon" on a billboard during a holiday in Greece, I thought it sounded good so I started to use Billon as my artist name.

I live and work in Belgium, where my studio is.

When I was younger I drew a lot with markers and painted on small wooden panels. 

Later on, I began to use cheap paint on cheap canvases, and from this day on painting became an addiction.

​At the beginning of my artist career I mostly painted pop-art style, but later on that developed into more abstract art. I experienced that I could also create beautiful things with used materials, and I began to cut or ground dry paint so I could incorporate this flakes or granules into my artwork.

With worn street posters I make collages where I use photos of famous people or figures so they are playfully processed in my artwork.​ But now, I do not paint , I play with color!​

I like the colors and dynamic you can achieve in paintings. The world around me with its diversity is always the source for new ideas. ​ I came to different styles from a number of different thought processes I was having at a specific time. 


I start with an image, either a rough sketch or a photograph, or sometimes I try things out or to manipulate pictures on the computer. And from that point on it becomes a whole progress, you become one with the painting.

For a long time I didn't show my artwork, but now I am ready to release them into the world, so that other people can enjoy as much joy, happiness and

bliss like me when making them ...