J. Pollet


Joran Pollet (23 April 1993) graduated from St Lucas Ghent in 2012 and then followed a year of photography (Narafi Brussels). However, it is the one-year course in ornamental metalwork (GOCA Ghent) that forms the crucial stepping stone in his artistic development towards what he creates today. At that time, Joran is 23 years old.

Joran Pollet is a man of few words. His images are all the more powerful.
With hammer and anvil, he beats pieces of pure steel into the desired shape. Then he starts welding. No moules are involved, not even preliminary studies.

Joran has the form clearly in his head. He creates images in which an intense emotion is frozen and given back to the viewer.

With both his parents as dancers, Joran Pollet grew up in an environment in which conversations about lines and tension arcs, abstraction and the transfer to an audience were not strange.

In the house is also the practice of his mother, who is a professor in body consciousness. The books lying around about the body, the skeleton and the muscles have attracted his attention since childhood. He spends hours observing objects, how they are put together, how their lines relate, how they relate to each other and their surroundings.


When does a movement become really interesting? Which tilting moments are there, just before or just after an intense emotion? They are flashes that he registers, holds and later processes.

Pollet works without a model. Pure, raw and completely in the moment.
It is the alchemy of impressions, surprise and fascination, with the craft of forging and welding which, together with the viewer, make the sculptures what they are.



Cernunnos is the horned Celtic God of animals & nature. The hunt for the protector himself is now on.



  • Kamp noord Expositie J. Pollet metal art, Oostende 2016

  • De vitrine van J. Pollet, Oostende 2017

  • Oostende zoekt jonge kunstenaars, Oostende 2017

  • Expositie 23 Metal art J. Pollet, Almacen, Oostende 2018

  • Galerij Expose’m tentoonstelling: J. Pollet, Zwijndrecht 2018

  • Expo J. Pollet Square 42, Oostende 2019

  • Verborgen verbazing OHK, Oostende 2021

  • Faun/ Fauna on the mystic of creatures, Tongeren 2021

  • Kunstroute Kortemark, Kortemark 2021 (1ste plaats publieksprijs)

  • de nacht van de musea en de galerijen, Oostende 2021

  • Pop-up Kunst Expo, Affligem 2021

  • De nacht van de musea en de galerijen, Oostende 2022 

  • Parcour d'artistes, Orp-Jauche 2022

  • Expositie J. Pollet, Oosteroever Oostende 2022