Abstract Flowers By Nitra Pièce Unique!  200 x 100 cm

Abstract Flowers By Nitra Pièce Unique! 200 x 100 cm

The artist Nitra was born on November 27, 1985 in Rwanda.
He moved to Belgium as a 9-year-old boy, so Nitra grew up between 2 cultures. His work clearly shows how he is able to combine the best of both worlds. The love for his native country is evident in the way he manages to depict the beautiful animals from Africa, powerful, sparkling and penetrating, but also with something of the modesty of the Western world.

He followed various courses, among others with artist Marie-Josée Boerenkamp.
With his restless imagination and energy, he has a constant need for challenges in his daily life, so he can indulge himself as a sportsman and musician in addition to his artistry.

Touched by the emotions that the animals of his native country evoke, he puts them on the canvas with enormous dynamism and passion, stimulated by music such as Instrumental Blues and Reggae.
With a boost of positive energy he gives the character of the animals in acrylic so that the viewer is touched by their strength and energy.
His works radiate unparalleled enthusiasm and optimism, enabling him to share the viewer's drive with what drives him.


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